SEALIFE Equipment (Pty) Ltd. is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, in a region where the aquaculture industry is enjoying a rapid growth.

Marketed and sold under the SEALIFE brand, our seafood display and storage systems are primarily designed for professionals in the restaurant trade and seafood industry to ensure year round availability of live seafood. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance and provide for long-term reliable operation and ease of use.

The technology used in the operation of Sealife Equipment’s products is based on many years of extensive research and development which resulted in the world’s first “closed-circuit” water purification and treatment process capable of:

• Sustaining live seafood such as lobsters and shellfish for several months within a storage tank and,

• Eliminating the need to regularly replace storage water necessary to sustain marine life.

By simulating natural sea conditions, SEALIFE systems ensure optimal long-term survival conditions for stored live seafood products without altering their taste. Testing conducted with a batch of 300 oysters stored in a OysterBar for nine months showed that the oysters possessed better taste and superior appearance characteristics when compared to short-term conventional storage and display methods.

SEALIFE products have a proven technology after several years of continuing usage in the southern hemisphere and Europe. All our products are designed to satisfy the needs of both the restaurant trade and the seafood industry: providing maximal performance with minimal constraints.

Your seafood is only as healthy as their environment and we manufacture the systems that provide their life support.

Sealife Equipment is the leading manufacturer of live seafood display units in South Africa.

All our live seafood display units offer the following advantages:

  • A first-in first-out dispensing system that ensures freshness of live seafood.

  • Exceptional efficiency in providing prolonged storage of live seafood without wastage.

  • Toughened glass that allow live seafood to be visible for customers to appreciate their freshness.

  • Easy maintenance of the filtration system that can be quickly performed by onsite staff once a week.

  • Water purification systems that ensure crystal clear water at all times without needing regular replacement.

  • Commercial grade, ozone friendly refrigeration components that maintain optimal water temperature at all times.

  • Easy installation that does not require special plumbing or electricity connections.

  • Smooth mobility provided by the heavy duty casters fitted underneath each unit.

  • Optimal size that allow for easy passage through standard doorways and aisles.