The L-10 SEALIFE LobsterBar is a self-contained and compact display tank providing restaurant and shop owners with a truly unique range of benefits. 


The L-10 SEALIFE LobsterBar units can also be used in back of house/ kitchen locations to provide chefs with a premium raw material. They also serve as a means of storage as once in the tanks the seafood product can live for up to six months with no weight loss and no feeding! 


A hassle-free supply management: the storage capacity of our compact L-10 SEALIFE LobsterBar makes possible the supply of up to 15kg of lobsters by batch and leads to savings on transport costs and reduction in paper work.


A unique freshness and quality image projected through the restaurant or seafood retail display. Lobsters or crayfish stored in SEALIFE LobsterBar’s are constantly visible to customers in clear glass tanks. They remain fresh and alive, and it shows!


A show-stopping impulse seller: when well positioned at point of sales, SEALIFE LobsterBar’s attract the attention of customers and patrons, arouses their curiosity and creates their craving for lobsters. 


An exceptional exposure for lobsters: To customers, the view of healthy live products is synonymous with great tasting, quality seafood. The fresh and lively environment of the SEALIFE LobsterBar enhances this live aspect.


An uninterrupted supply of fresh live and appealing lobsters: no more fear of dead losses or product shortage, the SEALIFE LobsterBar’s long term storage capabilities make possible a constant display of fresh lobsters all year round.


A significant increase in merchandise turnover: displaying live healthy lobsters truly make a huge difference in turnover.


Dimensions of the L-10 model:    

Width: 64cm (25.2’’)

Depth: 84cm (33.1’’)

Height: 153cm (60.24’’)

Special & unique features

Sealife Equipment (Pty) Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of live seafood display units in South Africa. Our LobsterBar systems combine the best talent, design, manufacturing and engineering. Your lobsters are only as healthy as their environment and the engineering system that provides their life support. We gained an extensive experience in marine environments through years of production of Lobster Lagoons and OysterBars.  To stick to our customers demand, we used this expertise to develop a new and unique display unit that completes our range, the Sealife LobsterBar.


The Sealife LobsterBar is a compact unit that maximizes selling capability, minimizes precious floor space and allows the lobsters to be visible for customers to appreciate their freshness.


Minimal maintenance: no time consuming and costly maintenance is required. Maintenance of the filtration system can be performed by onsite staff and only requires approximately 30 minutes per week.


No seawater replacement: the SEALIFE LobsterBar water purification system ensures crystal clear water at all times without regular replacement.


Ozone friendly refrigeration: a commercial grade ozone friendly refrigeration unit is used to maintain optimal water temperature in the system.


Self contained unit: SEALIFE LobsterBar systems are self contained and require no outside plumbing or hardwired electrical connection. The system plugs into a standard electrical outlet and requires 290 litres (76.6 US gallons) in total of real or recomposed seawater. 


Fully mobile: the SEALIFE LobsterBar system is a mobile unit mounted on heavy duty casters and is narrow enough to pass through all standard doorways and aisles.

Lobster  Bar Special & Unique Features


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